Friday, September 21, 2007

Work work work, work work work work, work work work work work. Oh, and school.

I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. I am just busy. All day with work and school, except for Friday when it's just work, and then the weekends when it's homework for school and spending time with Kathy, friends, family, softball, bike races (but it's the off season now), more homework, and other such stuff.

I warned you at the end of the summer, that my blogging would become scarce as the school year stepped up. And after fall break, I'll be doing CSO Tuesday nights (come to our concerts, I will post about them).

All that having been said, I need to write more for myself, while not letting up on the writing for school. I wrote some great stuff for school, but I don't want to post it yet, or some of it, at all.

I do need to go and pick up some more copies of Currents at Meramec. There have been some people asking for copies, and I find that I have either handed all of mine out or (as is the case with one copy I found recently) spilled coffee (tea? Coke?) on them.

I want more people to check out my blog, too, but I don't have much product to talk up at the moment.

Alright, I will make a concerted effort to blog more consistently. I can't promise a return to the bloggin' golden age of three months ago, but I can promise more than one update every week and a half.

I received word from the Three Day Novel Contest that they have my manuscript. Four months or so until they announce the winners. And while I know I produced a manuscript that was twice as long and at least ten times the quality of my 2004 offering, I wish they'd give me feedback very soon as opposed to never. I don't know. Anybody want to read it? Let me know, I'll, I don't know...pdf it somehow and e-mail it? I can't post it, that violates contest rules. Let me know if you want to read it, I'll try and get it to you. Should be easy for most people. No, I will not print it out and mail it to you, though. It's 101 pages. I already mailed it to Canada once, the last thing I need is to mail it to, oh, I don't know...just out of the blue, New Zealand or some place. Sorry to any of my readers in that part of the world.

Current score at school:

Webster University Eleventy Billion, Elliot 915.2 x 10^-i

Just a little math humor that I don't get but that should give one or two readers a chuckle. Oh wait, I don't think any of my calculus-joking friends read my blog. Hm.

Oh well.

Added a new poll to replace my appallingly stone-aged poll I paid little to no attention to.


mGk said...

Don't knock YouTube. What did You Tube ever do to you?

Becca said...

I'm now about to blog-hog and leave a long random post about general blogginess. As I think you (Elliot) realize, I'm a shameless facebook stalker, and today I came across this:

So, of course I had to check it out. I was immediately insanely jealous of yet another person perusing around Europe seeing all these great sites, topless beaches, and really sweet stuff in general. And then I was struck with the realization that - HEy, I'm living in a foreign country, gosh I should have a blog too. Wouldn't that be a lot cooler than mass emails?

And then I had the following train of thought: I'm going to grad school in a foreign country where tuition is expensive, the cost of living is ridiculous, and the U.S. dollar is weak, (so in other words I have zero money, and unfortunately traveling requires money - yay for being a student!) and I've only done 1 week's worth of traveling despite living here for 7 months... So my blog would be pretty lame. Like - oh, another weekend went by where I studied all day long, then I went and sat in the dining hall and chit-chatted about random stuff like usual (which, as all of us know who lived in a res hall, is like the greatest time in a person's life, but probably doesn't make for the most exciting blog material - especially when people back home want to hear about how I went to such and such scenic place), or how I went to work and packed approximately 50-100 boxes, and then spent the evening reading about polymer fibres, or composite materials...

So my conclusion (through rational, self-pitying thought), was that no, I should definitely not have a blog.

mGk said...

Just ready your post on Auntie Maine's Vatermelon post. I think you should be a writer. Oh wait...