Thursday, April 01, 2010

Welcome Friend to New Administratrix Post Home

Hello friendly! This domain web site for now has being taking over. Google acquired Blogger 2006 and for since sold to new exciting Web Development guru Flying Dog Super Media Group! Posting this for benefit of readership. Now!

These blog has been selected to hold Welcome Message with certain number other blogs (for list see example of media) due to high traffic areas of interest (New Zealand, USA, No Canada) via Google Analytics (Patent Pending). These blogs are to be in future maintained by and through old offices of adminstration except for to have parent company affiliated messages periodically.

These blog been chosen for high usage of key words in search for "music" "books" and "vinyl" for which customer base greatly enthusiastic and reading. Connected to socialist media outlets (spacebook profile, tweeting machinery with bird logo, sexy fun time chat site negatively impact) very productive for multiple hits and increased marketing output.

For one day of every month or two, site specific messages to be generated by new parent affiliate office company as message to readers for what to be buying in store. Links to be provided (please Click Here for preview!) to new amazing fun interesting stuff!

Are we enjoying the fun yet? But there is more for to be coming!

Beginning January of year twenty hundred and elevent, please register for website priveleges including comment feature, reading feature, pay feature. All major credit cards accepted or call new toll free number (not yet available for calling from US land or cellular telefony) to pay by autotake debit or personal check numbered above three thousand twelve.

Future inprovements may conclude:

-Open Source Development platforms.
-User created content (via yourtube and wikipeople)
-Contests Galore!! (Win free Television upgrade!)
-Chocolate covered raisin cereal

Please continue checking back for more of fun times and good stuffs! Until next times!

Zarniwoop Van Harl, President, Megadodo Publications!!



Emily said...

I would like to register for website priveleges please! My credit card number is 2234 5556 7283 PIN295

mGk said...

Megadodo rocks! Pick me for more web develop enjoying. I have no media content. Just babies of the cute category.

Bridget said...

say what?????

Molly said...

This can only be good.

Where do I enter my password?

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!!..................................................