Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ah...I Can Always Count on Comments For This One

It's that time of the week again! That's right, it's time for me to ask you, my readers, to shower me with suggestions for Free Write Friday, which I promise will get done tomorrow.

On a different note, today marks my 70th post ever. Only thirty more and I turn 100! I'm approaching Strong Bad's e-mail count.

Alright, so, let the suggesting begin.

Also, if anybody has any questions they'd like to ask me, go right ahead. I'll try and answer them here on the blog. Let's get interactive, people!

First question I am going to go ahead and ask myself:

Hey, Elliot, do you listen to music when you blog, and if so, what do you listen to?

Well, Elliot, most of the time I do listen to music, because it helps as a sort of outside distraction to ground my thought process a little. Music itself is so creative and can be inspiring, so I listen to it both to humble myself and inspire myself. The only times I don't listen to music when I blog is usually Tuesday Excerpts because I do those in a hurry, and Free Write Fridays because I don't want to be distracted by anything outside; it's all internal. So, to answer your first question, yes, and to answer your second, well, I listen to a lot. I am, for some reason, on a huge Emo kick right now, but I'm not talking just Sunny Day Real Estate, The Anniversary, The Get Up Kids and Alkaline Trio. I got into some other bands within the genre (and borderline Emo as well) such as Bright Eyes, Thursday, Further Seems Forever, The Juliana Theory, Texas is the Reason, Cursive, and some others. But I've been known to listen to just about anything from classical to new wave to punk to rock to super-duper obscure, which brings me to what I am listening to today.

Music to Blog by:

Heroic Doses - Pushy Girl and Crystals

So, post your suggestions and your questions. If I get enough questions, I'll add a monthly "Your Questions Answered" post.

That is all, so until tomorrow;

Write On!


Anonymous said...

Hey Elliot,

I have a question... I would think a creative guy like you would be ubber romantic... do you ever come up with fabulous story settings or romantic dates or awesomely sweet ideas and then test them out on the ladies to see if they work?

Molly said...

Hmmm... no suggestions for free write Friday. I didn't check this yesterday, or I woulda made a suggestion.

So,here's a late suggestion:

Short story: Melba Wallace, a 13 y/o girl, hates her name but doesn't want to hurt her family's feelings as she's been named after her beloved (and sinfully rich) great aunt.

Molly said...

Here's another suggestion:

Jonah Kronke, a 12 y/o troubled boy, is taken to a local university by his parents to participate in a research project. He's forced to spend a day in a room with Alice, a grandmotherly research clinician and is pelted with questions he really doesn't want to answer.

Molly said...

And if neither of those lights your fire, try this:

Elmo, a 24 y/o guy, sits in front of a computer lamenting the lack of suggestions he's getting for story ideas....

the wife said...

I,m still waiting for Anna the authorette defends herself in court when accused of taking grammar enhancing drugs after writing the great american novel :)