Monday, June 25, 2007

Nap Time

Check out this story from NPR's Talk of the Nation. In addition to it being informative and entertaining, I am the first call-in when you click on the listen button.

So, not only am I published, I'm also on the radio.

I start my new job tomorrow, which means you will hear a little blurb about it when I do my Tuesday Excerpt tomorrow.

Alright, I said I would have a political rant on Wednesday, but I have another one that brewed today, while I was listing to The Diane Rehm Show. Dick Cheney acts with total immunity and it pisses me off.

He is claiming he does not have to file classified documents with the national archives in accordance with Executive order because, as Vice President and head of the Senate, he is not part of the Executive branch. But he is not exactly subject to the regulations and orders of the Legislative branch either because he isn't part of that branch either. So you have every official in Washington subject to Constitutional laws with the exception of Dick Cheney, who is essentially above the law. And of course, we can't exactly go to the Attorney General and ask his opinion, because he's busy with his own scandal.

I just have one question for political conservatives; how is this set of scandals ANY DIFFERENT from the scandals that rocked the Clinton Administration? I mean, hell, all the Bush administration has done is broken a few constitutional laws, gone to war based on unsound judgement, wasted billions on war spending with no end in sight while slashing money from domestic programs that need it, baselessly fire District Attorneys to replace them with agenda-friendly ones, but hey, at least the president never got a damn blow job from an intern. Sure, he and his administration are running the economy into the ground. Sure, the country's foreign policy has earned us an arrogant and easily hated reputation abroad. Sure, the ship's going down with the captain at the helm saying, "Freedom! 9/11! Freedom! Democracy! Mission Accomplished! Victory!" But at least the captain never fooled around behind his wife's back. I mean, nevermind that Clinton's blow job didn't cost over three thousand American Soldiers' lives.

I want to know how come more money was spent on the Monica Lewinsky investigation than has been spent on the Scooter Libby, Roberto Gonzales and Valerie Plame investigations combined?

I'm not saying that a married man getting a sexual favor from a woman who is not his wife is not a bad thing, because it is, and it doesn't set the best moral example for our nation, but I don't remember whole nations looking at that situation and saying, "What a horrible country."

Sorry for the political rant, but Dick Cheney really does not make me happy.

And no, I have not cited sources. So, for anybody who stumbles up to my blog and you want to take precious time to argue my figures, let me just say that I may be exaggerating with the amount of money spent on the investigations.I don't feel like looking it all up at the moment, I have to cook dinner. If you still want to point it out, and try and make me look like a Liberal Nutjob idiot, go ahead. I will not deny you the obvious pleasure you will derive from it. All I ask is that you come back and read one of my non-political blogs in exchange for the favor of me letting you anonynously call me a left-wing fool.

That is all.


marty/bridget said...

would starting a new job tomorrow have anything to do with napping on your present job??? i like that you have a "lookout" employed to kick you awake if the boss comes around...good thinking! b.

Becca said...

That rant was fabulous, Elliot. Now, can you come up with a snappy comeback for me? My uber-conservative bro-in-law sent me information about how Al Gore's house is a ginormous mcmansion and uses a ridiculous amount of energy, while Bush's ranch is really small and energy conservative in comparison. I did some searching and this appears to be true. I suppose it's retribution for a few of the pro-environment anti-bush articles I've been known to forward along to my sisters. I don't want a nasty comeback, something like, sure, he's got a nice, eco-friendly house, but that still doesn't make his administration even slightly respectable. Or, sure, he's got a nice eco-friendly ranch, but his administration has ended the reign of the US as the global superpower... you get the idea.

Molly said...

With this administration, we all need a rant now and then. Nice venting.

mGk said...

You are a Liberal Nut-job idiot. So am I. Embrace your idiocracy... I do.

*the sister

themurderhour said...

Nice, nice! But it's not a Reny's commercial, eh?!
I also want your friend becca to do some research on the Bush Kennebunkport, Me. compound...might find that the energy abuse doesn't fall far from the tree!
Auntie Maine

Molly said...

The Murder Hour is right... how many homes does our illustrious "leader" keep? How many cars/tractors/methane belching cows? There's more to W than the ranch, that's fer sure.

Oh oh... I feel a rant coming on....