Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slight Changes

To all of my readers:

I just wanted to apologize for any confusion caused by the recent "Please Enter Username and Password" pop up you may have encountered when visiting my blog. I protected my twitter account, but didn't realize that would affect my blog readers. This has since been fixed, and you should have no problem. For the record, if you thought you wouldn't be able to read my blog without a password, your fears are understandable but I want you to understand that I would never do that to my readers. I'm a believer in free access to information. Not that I'm into pirating music or movies or books, but there's a fine line between justifiable protection of content and greed. Anyway, you would have been able to read my blog but not my twitter feed unless you 1) had a Twitter account and 2) were an approved follower of me. Now, you should be fine.

I also wanted to talk about ads. I know that ads can be annoying, but I've allowed them on my page because if, for any reason, you click on an advertisement on my blog, Google pays me a little bit of money. Now, I've been doing this for a year and a half now, and so far, I've made a whopping two dollars and forty one cents. But, you's a minor source of income. Actually, I have not received this money because they won't send a check for less than fifty dollars. So, twenty-two and a half more years, I should be getting a check.

Another change you will see in future posts (and also added retroactively to older posts) is a new way to monetize my blog. This one I really like, and I think it might actually garner a better payoff than Google Adsense (the ads you already see). It's called Amazon Associates, and what happens is that I can link to a product sold by Amazon and if you, my reader, clicks on the link and then subsequently buys the product, I get a commission on the sale. I won't be posting random links, though. I talk about lots of literature, film and music on the blog, so whenever I mention something, I'll link to it on Amazon. And yes, I am aware of the irony of a partnership whereby Amazon might pay me money after I lamented the way they handle the vinyl they sell. And let it be known that I would much prefer you to go buy books and records from local book and record stores, but you can always get a great deal on Amazon and many of us (myself included) will continue to buy products on Amazon.

So, with that being said, I will now demonstrate this new feature.

This past Saturday (April 17th) was Record Store Day. I went to Euclid Records and picked up the new Broken Bells LP on Vinyl. And it's freaking awesome, as I said before in my review. I also found a copy of The Best of Buddy Rich on vinyl (a Best-Of which was never subsequently released on CD) and Kathy looked through to bargain bin to find a copy of the American Graffiti Soundtrack for two dollars. Sweet deal! I highly recommend you celebrate Record Store Day next year. And no, going to the music section at Best Buy and picking up the new Justin Stupidface Beiber CD does not count.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Float Trip

Well friends, the calendar is telling us that it’s early Spring, which is a time of year I generally love; baseball and cycling seasons start up, the days get longer, I can open my bedroom windows at night and hear the breeze stir the magnolia out front…my moonroof opens and lets in a wind which cools instead of freezes…the aforementioned magnolia tree explodes in shades of pink which then rain down on my front lawn, causing me to blog about it and make my readers question my sexuality…and summer is right around the corner, of course.

But that’s just what the calendar is telling us. And while baseball and cycling seasons are just starting, and the days are getting longer and my bedroom windows are open at night, the hot air coming in my moonroof, the browning magnolia petals on the lawn and the thermometer tell us a different story. They tell us that Summer is upon us. Or, rather, they’re telling us that if it’s Spring already, brace yourself for one hell of a nasty hot Summer.

Hot weather, I can mostly handle. My car does have a/c, as does the house and my office. I own shorts and sandals and t-shirts and the ice cream truck comes down my block at least once every other day during the months of June through August. But there are certain things I like to do in the summer which involve being outside, you know, where there is no air conditioning as a rule, and I’d like to be able to do those a) without collapsing from heat stroke and b) alongside my wife who is, as I mentioned before, pregnant, and who is therefore likely to be extra sensitive to things like heat indices firmly ensconced in the triple digit range.

One of my favorite ways to cool off on a hot day is to indulge in a cold treat. I believe I have mentioned before how I adore Fitz’s Root Beer, a locally brewed root beer of which I had cases shipped to me when I lived in Minneapolis. And fortunately for me, Fitz’s is sold at the local grocery stores around here, so even in the middle of a ridiculously hot night, if my wife (or I) start craving it, I can run to Schnucks or Shop n’ Save and pick up a 4 pack. Of course, if we start craving it during regular business hours, we could always run to the restaurant where the root beer is brewed and pick up a frosty bottomless mug or a heaping root beer float.

Of course another way to cool off is to go to Ted Drewe’s, which serves up some of the best Frozen Custard around (and the best Frozen Custard on Route 66, I should assert). They’ve got so many flavors to choose from, I still haven’t tried them all (and the combinations, OH! the combinations!!). They even serve up a great float, which makes you believe their vanilla custard was engineered specifically for such a purpose. It’s that good. And if they’re closed, again, I can pick some up at the grocery store.

Now, there is a travesty in St. Louis when it comes to these two items; I have yet to find a restaurant that serves a Fitz’s Root Beer/Ted Drewe’s root beer float. To that I say, “What the hell, St. Louis? This is a serious problem we need to solve right away.” Look; when you go to Fitz’s, they serve you up a root beer float made with their amazing root beer and a very generous helping of Edy’s or Breyer’s ice cream (I can’t remember which, but I know it’s one of those). Really, Fitz’s? I mean, I guess it’s not generic Sam’s Club ice cream, but still. And at Ted Drewe’s, when you order your float, you get Barq’s Root Beer. And I guess, I could give these two places some leeway; Fitz’s chooses an ice cream that everybody can get their hands on, so they know what it tastes like with other root beers and they can tell the difference between other root beers in a float and theirs in a float. And it works the other way for Ted Drewe’s; everyone who’s had a root beer float has probably had a scoop of vanilla in a Barq’s root beer, so give them that familiar root beer with the unique floating mound of frozen custard. But…you other places? What’s your excuse? There are plenty of restaurants in St. Louis which offer Fitz’s Root Beer on their menus, and just as many serve Ted Drewe’s with their desserts. But the places I can think of that serve both do not serve them together (these are mostly places like Blues City Deli or Mom’s Deli which serve both of these in individual containers out of stand-up coolers). But think of it; this is the ultimate St. Louis dessert. The only way to get a more ultimate St. Louis dessert out of a frosted glass mug would be to liquefy a Gooey Butter Cake, and raise your hand if you think that sounds satisfying (Dad, you and your brothers need to put your hands down right now). Now, I have not been to every restaurant in St. Louis, so maybe there is a place that serves this amazing concoction (so amazing, it makes a cynical atheist like myself admit that if Heaven exists, it probably tastes something like a Fitz’s/Ted Drewe’s Float), but I haven’t found one. The only way I have ever been able to enjoy one of these is to purchase the two items separately and combine them at home. And you should try it, yourself. Right now. Don’t live in St. Louis? Come visit, and I’ll join you. Because nobody likes to drink alone, even if it is a root beer float.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Welcome Friend to New Administratrix Post Home

Hello friendly! This domain web site for now has being taking over. Google acquired Blogger 2006 and for since sold to new exciting Web Development guru Flying Dog Super Media Group! Posting this for benefit of readership. Now!

These blog has been selected to hold Welcome Message with certain number other blogs (for list see example of media) due to high traffic areas of interest (New Zealand, USA, No Canada) via Google Analytics (Patent Pending). These blogs are to be in future maintained by and through old offices of adminstration except for to have parent company affiliated messages periodically.

These blog been chosen for high usage of key words in search for "music" "books" and "vinyl" for which customer base greatly enthusiastic and reading. Connected to socialist media outlets (spacebook profile, tweeting machinery with bird logo, sexy fun time chat site negatively impact) very productive for multiple hits and increased marketing output.

For one day of every month or two, site specific messages to be generated by new parent affiliate office company as message to readers for what to be buying in store. Links to be provided (please Click Here for preview!) to new amazing fun interesting stuff!

Are we enjoying the fun yet? But there is more for to be coming!

Beginning January of year twenty hundred and elevent, please register for website priveleges including comment feature, reading feature, pay feature. All major credit cards accepted or call new toll free number (not yet available for calling from US land or cellular telefony) to pay by autotake debit or personal check numbered above three thousand twelve.

Future inprovements may conclude:

-Open Source Development platforms.
-User created content (via yourtube and wikipeople)
-Contests Galore!! (Win free Television upgrade!)
-Chocolate covered raisin cereal

Please continue checking back for more of fun times and good stuffs! Until next times!

Zarniwoop Van Harl, President, Megadodo Publications!!