Saturday, September 01, 2007

Three Day Novel Update Number 1

Two hours and seven pages in. I'm on pace to write 252 pages, but I do actually have to sleep. And also, there are the occasional updates, for which there will be reason.

So, update #1, meet reason #1. I am currently stuck just a little bit.

Now, originally, the plan was to post some short excerpts from the novel-in-progress, but it turns out that disqualifies me from the competition if they ever find out, and chances are, if you give a mouse a three day novel, they might go snooping after your writing blog. Or something like that.

Sorry, I did sneak in a little bit about cycling already in the first seven pages. But not to worry, it is not about cycling. There's just a bit in there. That is all I will give away. For real. No, the reason is I am stuck, right. The problem is that I have points A and B, and what I thought were points C, D, E and F at the very least, with likely points G, H, and I, but it turns out I need to bump everything, because what I have now is Points A, B, something new, and C, and D and E are ready to go but...not yet. They need something to bridge the gap. So, revised, points A, B, C (new), I need something in here to be point D, then E (which was the original point C). See? I have dots, just not all of I want this line to go straight? Do I want it to curve? What?

Sorry I can't share any more details with you folks, but, well, you know how it is. Or maybe you don't.

Only 70 more hours until this competition is over! Ah!

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Molly said...

Look, you just gotta go from A to B. Forget c, d, e, f, etc. They're just details. Flesh them out later. That's the beauty of writing; you can put in c & d, leave out e & f, add g,h & q, then go back and put m in there while you take out d and shorten c.

Now... you better not be reading this, you better just ponder the task at hand. WRITE! Right?