Saturday, September 01, 2007

Three Day Novel Update Number 2

Roughly fifteen and a half hours in. Fifteen pages, on pace for a 72 page novel.

Fifteen pages, yes. Going well, but the first bad sign has arrived.

That's right, the first drink of the contest.

Actually, I lasted a good seventeen hours longer without drinking than the last time I did this. And yes, that does mean I was drinking for two hours before the contest started last time. I was young and naive.

Kathy is gone for the day. Not ten minutes after she left, I got hit with a craving, the worst kind of craving...the kind of craving that can't be sated with what you have on hand, no, it's a specific craving for freakin' Archer Farms Cajun Party Mix from Target, and you wonder, "Why the hell do I want anything from Target?" And it's because for almost four years, it was part of your life to get stuff from Target on almost a daily basis and it turns out, hey, I kinda miss some of that. Specifically, the Archer Farms Cajun Party Mix.

It's like a freaking Archer Farms Cajun Party Mix commercial over here!

I would like to thank my sister for taking the time to run to Target to pick some of the aforementioned salty snack concoction for my munching pleasure. I raise this rum and coke to you, Mo!

I can't help but wonder if my father went to scope out a spot from which to watch the Tour of Missouri stage into St. Charles. I wanted to go help, but I have a higher purpose this weekend.

Did everybody hear about the clash between cyclists and police officers in Minneapolis last night? I'm referring to it as the "Critical Massacre of 2007" myself. I was on the City Pages website last night and saw a little bulletin about it. It sickens me, but what sickens me more is that somebody actually commented on the story with "Serves them right, bikes aren't cars, get off the damn roads." Or something like that. I want to hit that person with a bike lock over his head. Hmm. Good thing I have to write a novel.

No more stalling! Onward I must go!


mGk said...

Your welcome. Thanks for letting me take the first bite, but now I want some Cajun Party Mix. Damn Target Archer Farms. It really is the crack of the new generation.

Can I have a Rum and Coke too?

Molly said...

Where did I go wrong? As a mother, we always ask ourselves this... but Cajun Party Mix? Without the party?? You kids are sick!