Saturday, September 01, 2007

Three Day Novel Update Number 3, and Your Questions Answered Volume 3

Eighteen hours in, 22 pages. On pace for an 88 page novel. Target is 100, so that's looking doable. YAY!

After that rum and coke, it was back to business as usual. Cajun Party Mix and regular coke. Except I haven't actually had a regular coke. Or anything, really, I've just been sitting here writing, aside from the short break I took to call my father.

It just occured to me that I should eat something substantial, but that would require taking a real amount of time off. It would be one thing if I had a frozen pizza or something I could just throw in and forget about for a little while, but unfortunately, being the enthusiastic cook that I am, we really have nothing of a substantial nature in the house that doesn't involve intensive preparation. Stir Fry? Can't just let it sit. Pizza? Oh sure, once it's in the oven it's a nice long wait, but first I gotta prepare the toppings, grate the cheese, put together a sauce, etc. And pasta? Yeah, like that's a "Set-it-and-forget-it" type of meal.

I am fairly happy at this point that I have so very few friends in the St. Louis area. Not that I don't value the ones I have, but I can convince myself that everybody else is busy, which is easy to do when there are only about five people on your call list. If all of my Minnesota friends, plus all of my out of town high school friends were here...I could easily find somebody to spend time with, away from what I should be doing.

I wish I had kept a tally like this for the first time I did the contest, just so I could do a better comparison. But, alas! I do know that I am doing much better.

Well, as I am somewhat stuck at the moment, I thought I would take the opportunity to do my usual First Weekend of the Month Feature: Your Questions, Answered!

From the post Your Questoins Answered, Volume 2 on Sunday, August 5th:

Becca asked:

Also, do you think I should start using some sort of blog alias? Everyone else has a cool little nickname, but I'm just Becca. Not very exciting, is it?

Nah, no alias. Unless you start a show like Alias...that was a good show. It was very exciting.

From the post Tuesday Excerpts on Tuesday, August 7th:

Becca asked:

I know that wasn't based on real life events, but why does all of your writing remind me of college - more specifically, living in Bailey?

Because it was a very interesting time of life. Lots of good stories came out of that time. In a couple years, I can start writing about what happens at Webster U, once it's all been processed by my mind a little better. That processing is getting faster as I learn to detatch myself better as a writer. Good question!

The Wife asked:

When are you coming to visit?

I live with you! Oh, you were asking Becca...

From Advice from Todd Zuniga on Wednesday, August 8:

The Wife asked:

What, no quote for today... well lets see are we still trying to find out why Sam was late?

That's right, no quote for the day. Only on Tuesday excerpts, silly. And when I feel like it. And no, we are not trying to figure that out, I am trying to figure it out. But we've moved on.

From Free Write Friday on Friday, August 10:

marty/bridget said:

Did you say the next 24 hours?

Shut it, you.

From Free Write...Wednesday? on Wednesday, August 15:

mGk asked:

Did you really say "drop it like it's hot"? Could you BE any whiter?

Yes, I did, and yes, I could. Nobody I ever dated went through a Eminem/Real Slim Shady phase. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about the twin, and NOBODY ever could be any whiter than he was that year.

From School Week 1 Recap on Thursday, August 23:

Gerald asked:

so wait. you're suggesting that kucinich isn't ripped and tan normally?

Um...we're talking about Dennis Kucinich, right? The man who was characterized by Conan as a Hobbit back in 2004? Yes, I am suggesting he is certainly not ripped. He could possibly have a nice tan, though. I will give him that one along with the single payer health care plan.

From the post Kinda Late, I Know... on Tuesday, August 28th:

John asked:

Is that the Capt'n that has kitty passed out dreaming of BBQ mouse?

Absolutely it is, although what he's dreaming about is fried chicken. Trust me on that one, it's his all-time favorite.

Becca asked:

I love being a college student!!! Don't you, Elliot?

Sure. It would be nice to not be one for a while again, but next time I am not a college student I will have a degree to accompany my non-studenthood. Seven years of being an on-again, off-again college student has taken its toll on my sanity, along with this three day novel.

what exactly is the point of The Tinderbox? Isn't there supposed to be a moral to the story or something...?

Becca, I do not even know what The Tinderbox is. And the moral of the story is that you never, ever ever want to have found five dollars. It's sad.

From Three Day Novel Update Number 1 on Saturday, September 1:

Molly asked:


Just to be argumentative, Mom, no. Not right! HA! But secretly, after all the friends I'm trying to impress leave the blog, yes. You are right.

From Three Day Novel Update Number 2 on Saturday, September 1:

mGk asked:

Can I have a rum and coke?

If this is Kevin then yes, you can do whatever you want. If this is Madeline, no. No you can't. If this is Maureen, only you know the answer to that one. I have no authority over you. This you know. So why are you asking me?

Okay, back to work!

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Molly said...

You left out the part where you locked yourself out of the house and had to sit outside waiting for somebody to bring you a key to let you in so you could actually eat that pizza you had delivered and which was locked inside the house without you. I can't even think of a more frustrating way to spend an hour. Poor baby. Sometimes, truth is harder than fiction.