Monday, July 30, 2007

Last Monday

Today was my last Monday working at Target.

I feel like flying. And also, I liked Gerald's comment on my last FWF, and I think I may take him up on it.

Alrighty folks, not much of a blog today as I am fairly exhausted and going to try and sneak in a quick nap here before heading off to the Muny to catch a show this evening. Hopefully it doesn't rain on us.

This weekend is my "Your Questions Answered" weekend, as it will be the first full weekend in August. So, what are your questions? I have the answers! And...coming next week, a book review of a book I have read recently. Will it be Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows or will it be The Ministry of Special Cases? Only time will tell. So check back next week. And check back tomorrow, when I promise there really will for real be a really real Tuesday Excerpt for real really. Seriously. For real.


heartcooksbrain said...

So it was your last Monday working at Target as in you aren't available Mondays anymore or it was your last Monday working at Target as in you aren't working at Target anymore (after your subsequent last Tuesday-Sunday)?

If it is indeed the latter, CONGRATS!!!

Jak Attak said...

Got your link off Jerry's blog. Welcome to the world of the freedpersons of Targeto. My name is Jak ( Hi Jak) and I am a former Targetian. I have been free from Targeto for 2 years, and it's a beautiful world outside the Bullseye. Hope all is well with you. Saw Jerry last week for a beer. So whatcha gonna do now?

Elliot said...

Jak Attak...former out two years ago...could this be the Jak I think it is? If so, then that's about the coolest thing to happen since air conditioning hit Egypt (has air conditioning hit Egypt?)!

Colleen and Jak, your questions will be answered this weekend in my monthly "Your Questions Answered" installment. Be looking for it!

heartcooksbrain said...

Hi Jak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, and thanks Smelly.

Molly said...

You're late posting, I'm late reading... what's up with that? Here's a serious question: When are you having me over for dinner?