Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It Starts...

Per request, I am giving you a baseline picture of what I look like clean-shaven.

This is how I dress everyday.

Okay, okay, bad example for two reasons: 1) It's not close enough and 2) it's like ten years old. This photo was posted on facebook by the girl I took to prom senior year of high school. This was taken on prom night. And to answer your question, the jacket was a joke and it was replaced with a standard black jacket after the limo picked up my date.

Okay, the real baseline image is also not incredibly recent, but, would you believe, I had to track back more than a year to find a good picture of me without stubble? It's true. Check it out.

11/21/2009 - My 27th Birthday at Growler's Pub
Still not a close up, but it gives you a better sense. Note my sweet Sunny Day Real Estate Shirt. Note it!

So yesterday, I shaved with my Gillette Mach 3 Turbo instead of my electric razor because the manual one gives me a much better shave. And today, around 5 PM, I looked like this:

Sorry for the strange, psycho-killer qu'est-ce que c'est run run run run run run run away look. And ten points to those who get the reference.

There you have it.


Molly said...

Talking Heads!

In your case, growing hair head.

Bridget said...