Monday, February 28, 2011

Facial Hair February: Final Day and Deconstruction

First, the full facial hair experience.

We have this thing called a Karma Wheel on our refrigerator. And Just before removing the beard, I spun it. It looks like I planned this, but Kathy can vouch for me.

It landed on Hair Loss, which is better than Salmonella or Annoying Phone Call for sure

And so it was to be.

The deconstruction began with removal of sideburns and sundry facial hairs.

And then, well, things got creepy.

But finally, I emerged as myself once again.

Of course now it's clear that I need a haircut. But I won't be blogging about that.

Starting tomorrow, a short story a day for an entire month. How about them apples? Also, Bambi review will be up by Wednesday. Got some stuff to do tomorrow for The Phosphene, which if you haven't checked out is turning out nicely so far. I'm excited about it, that's for sure!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FUN hair experiment. I'm dissapointed with a lack of huge mutton chops and a soul patch though... LOL.

I remember in high school i grew my leg hair out for an entire swim season...

Where did you get your Karma wheel from, btw? It's pretty sweet and now I want one.