Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yeah, I Know...

But I've been very busy. Very busy. But there's a few things I'd like to talk about.

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but last fall we bought a ginormous television. Fifty inches. Plasma. Yes, HD. Of course, with it, we had to get more on top of things. Like our DVD player, for instance. Initiating technical babble. I had a standard DVD player with component video and composite audio running into the television. I was getting the best picture I could with what I had. But I wanted more. So, the other night, we bought a new DVD player. It's not an HD or BluRay, ut it's an upconverter. So it scales standard definition DVDs to near Hi-Def. And we got a good deal, too. It's a Sony. It's a 5 disc. But it didn't come with a remote or a manual because it was the floor model. But whatever, our TV remote works for it just fine. And of course, to get the best picture possible, I went with the HDMI cable. Yes. I am a nerd. I have already watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in all its glory, plus the first twenty minutes or so of Revenge of the Sith. Very cool.

Pandora Internet Radio. Best thing ever. Click Here.

School is going um...okay. The thing is, that with school, mostly I like history classes outside of my major and minor, and I like the practical classes inside my major and minor. I'm not so much into the theory classes in my minor. But right now, the only class I like is my Media Literacy class. I mean, I like the people in my history class and my creative writing class, but the history class is like pulling teeth at times, and I think the professor in my creative writing class is a little...um...I don't know how to write it out. Imagine me making a noise and hand movement indicating that he may have recently lost his mind a bit.

And I found something about my job I'm NOT fond of. Jefferson County. Mostly, the searches I have been doing down there, which leave me tired and groggy and (no joke), in a small amount of pain because I barely get to sit down as I sift through 86 years' worth of musty deed indexes and microfilm. Musty deed indexes with some gaping holes in the records. Boo hiss.

Anyway...I should go to bed. Class in the morning. Work in the day. Class in the evening. Homework at night. Maybe sleep. Eventually. Maybe.

So last Wednesday, I had a surreal night. Remember Hugo's? Of course not. Jesse's older brother Matt used to work there (Jesse was my best friend in my pre-middle school days), and we used to go get free food. I went in there Wednesday night after class with some people from class. We talked, had some drinks, some of them smoked (and I got all stinky), and it was nice. We talked about things like music, literature and politics and professors (including the one that walked in around 9:15, and sat at the bar until after we had all left), and after-graduation plans (a diverse group, from sophomores up to second year seniors up to 25 year old juniors), and as I was talking with a friend with whom I have had a couple classes already, she up and said I sounded unhappy.

How's somebody gonna come right out and say that? I mean, even if it might be true, why would you bring it up? I mean, I wasn't going to say "And it's clear you want to jump Mark six ways from Sunday but you're too scared to say anything." No. Ridiculous.

Anyway...I was there, in this restaurant, scene of some of my youthful exploits (they used to have a cigarette machine...), and being told I'm unhappy by a person with whom I had been having a tremendous time with. Well, not that I was having a good time with just her, but the whole group. Anyway...not important I guess.

Really...I should go to bed. Now.


mGk said...

Sounds like you are in the mitts of a "spoiler". "What is a spoiler," you ask? Well Elliot, I'll tell you: A spoiler is the nicest way I can think to describe people who make comments about your mental or emotional state to make themselves feel: smart/sensitive/intuitive/in-control/etc. But really they just succeed in making you question your real emotions.

Knew a guy once, in my younger years, who was always asking me if I liked myself because "I didn't seem to talk about myself in a positive way frequently enough." Which led me to commence obsessing until I was blue in the face. Finally I realized he was just out to make himself feel in tune with other people's real emotions and so he made sh*t up. That made me want to make him black and blue in the face.

I know your happy. You might have been tired from a long day of school, work, school... but that doesn't mean you aren't happy.

...but then again was it the day Kucinich dropped out of the race, because in that case she could have been right.

Molly said...

Spoiler... sort of like Debbie Downer, only it's YOU she's bringing down, not everyone. Put no faith in such people, they're toxic. And in the end... if you really look closely, you'll find it's all about THEM anyway. You seem unhappy and isn't it great they're the one who figured that out for you!

Wah Wah WAh......

Annie said...

Who. Is. Your. Creative. Writing. Professor.