Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More on the Strike

Today's topic: Strike Beards.

I don't know if any of you have been watching late night television since it returned, but if you have, you know what I mean when I say Strike Beard.

Letterman returned last week with a strike beard, but has since shaved it off. Rather, he had some National Guard members come and shave it off on his show. But Conan still has the beard going in full force. In fact, it's really creepy.

The idea of a strike beard is just one of those guy things. If a guy wants to grow facial hair, all he has to do is formulate a valid excuse. And, in the eyes of other guys, almost any excuse is valid. "Facial Hair February"? Of course it's valid, Facial and February both start with F. Cinco de Moustache? Hilariousness ensues! Jerry has been known to grow a hockey playoff beard, only to shave it off the day the Stanley Cup finals are over, whereupon he begins growing his offseason beard. This sticks around until the season starts, then he's baby faced again until he decides to start his regular season beard. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but you get my point.

I guess the reason that Letterman shaved his beard is because in his world (Worldwide Pants, that is), the Writer's Strike is over. His company has independently signed a deal with the WGA, so he gets to have scripted comedy bits, a regular monologue, the Top Ten list, actual real celebrities, and a smooth baby face. Conan, on the other hand, has taken to wasting time with visual gags, unscripted off the cuff commentary (which he is usually good at when he's got enough scripted material to pad out the rest of his show...), he's stuck with people who aren't technically crossing the picket line to be there (like politicians and sports stars but no actors), and he's got this creepy Irish Man beard.

Now, why even bring up the strike beard? Well, because those who know me might remember that I have this very strange facial hair growth pattern which has truly scared me off from going too long without shaving. I went for two weeks in January of 2006, and on me, a beard just guess terrible is the right word. So I have not been showing my support for the WGA with a beard. In fact, when I really think about it, I haven't so much been showing support to them, other than joining a facebook group and mentioning it in my last post.

So what? The strike has been going on for two months and then some, right? Well, fair reader(s) (oh, and any unfair readers I may have), the point is that while I know the basics of why the writers are striking, I want to dig a little deeper. And what better way to dig than to post what I find on my blog?

So, if you know nothing of the strike at this point, or a little bit, and want to know more, stay tuned. I'm sure for some of you it will be a delicious change of pace from my political ranting or my mundane lapse in posting.

So for now, I say farewell, I'm back to work (now that I am done with lunch), and in my spare time, I will pursue the facts of the WGA strike. And you'll be the next to know. Until then...

Write On.


gerald said...

exaggerating? no sir. that was last season to a tee. this year didn't get off to a great start due to funerals and weddings, but fear not. come april, lord stanley's beard will be back with gusto and fervor.

marty/bridget said... wedding funeral beard...what's with this guy?

Annie said...

On the sets Dan has worked on, everyone grows a beard. And then the last Thursday of the shoot is Mustache Thursday. I've never seen this with my own two eyes, but it's been well documented in pictures. And much appreciated.

Becca said...

Elliot, have you ever heard of Movember? It's a NZ campaign - grow a Mo (or moustache to you and I) in November to support prostate cancer. This has since spurned (I think this is the first year) Fanuary - grow your fanny in support of cervical cancer during the month of February. I'm not kidding! NZers have too much time on their hands. Or perhaps its the lack of TV channels and amusement parks that has forced them to come up with other bizarre forms of recreation...

I'd pay good money to see you with this "horrible" beard (mostly to laugh because I suspect you'd look quite silly with a beard). After dating for several years a guy who got too lazy to shave and would a beard that looked like pubes on his face (combined with his long hair made people start calling him Jesus for a while... lucky me). Wait - can I say the word 'pubes' on a blog? Too late, I just did. Anyways - my point is that I'd like to judge for myself. hahaha...

Oh, I'd also like to add that I've enjoyed this discussion of facial/body hair immensely. Fascinating subject, really.