Saturday, October 20, 2007

Your Questions Answered Volume 4: Blogapalooza Edition

Let it be known that I have broken three drill bits today.

Did I tell everybody that we bought a 50 inch widescreen plasma HDTV?

Who wants to come over tomorrow and watch The Money Pit.

Not the movie.

From the post "YesNoYesNoYes" on Tuesday, September 4th, 2007:

Molly asked:

When do I get to see it?

When it gets published, Mom. Or, I mean, if you want to donate your printer paper and ink to the cause...I really don't want to print out another 101 pages if it can be avoided.

From the post "Wow, Really When It Rains..." on Tuesday, September 12th, 2007:

Molly asked:

Who knew we had those in St. Louis?

Well, considering how many times I have been pulled over for having a headlight out, it seems we have them ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

Becca asked:

Wow, I feel safer now that St. Louis police officers are so concerned with burnt out headlights instead of capturing, oh, i don't know - say, real criminals?

Now how is that a question, Becca? Plus, how does that make you feel safer? You're in New Zealand, it's day there when it's night here.

mGk asked:

Fall off the face of the earth much?

You're one to talk. Yes, I said it.

From "Work work work, work work work work, work work work work work. Oh, and school." on Friday, September 21st, 2007:

mGk asked:

What did You Tube ever do to you?

...I'm not even sure what this question was in reference to. When did I knock You Tube? I mean, it's ridiculous how many people are getting famous from acting stupid in You Tube videos, and it's even more ridiculous that I am not getting famous for this mediocre blog, but no, I have nothing against You Tube. I think you got your comments lines crossed.

Becca asked:

Shouldn't I have a blog too?

Yes. The other nice thing is that every time you send out photo albums, I can't remember my password for whatever site it is you use, so on a blog, you could just post pictures right there. I know that I don't, but what do you want? Pictures of my writing? That would be silly and a waste of time for all of us. But you should have a blog. It would be easier to keep tabs on you.

From "Photographie" on Thursday, October 4th, 2007:

Annie asked:


Ah, yes, this was in relation to me wanting to find somebody that could do a back flip. I subsequently answered this in the comments section, not because I thought I would never do another one of these Q & A sessions, but because it was very important at the time. But what I eventually did was took a couple pictures of Kathy jumping off of a swing instead. Not quite the same, but neat results nonetheless.

mGk asked:

What about someone jumping on a bed...

That would have been cool, except in our bedroom because our ceilings are so low and there's a fan right there, it sounded like a bad idea, and I wouldn't have gone to your house to photograph you doing that, Mo (or Kev as the case may be) because that's a bad influence on my niece...and being a bad influence on my niece is not your job, it's mine, so in order to perseve the natural order of things, I would have to be the one jumping on the bed, and it would have been hard to take the picture then, unless I used the timer, but then it would still need to be fairly I decided against it. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

From "Fall Break = Blogapalooza!" on Monday, October 15th, 2007:

TECHNICALITY NOTE; Becca asked a plethora of questions, but they were all intended to spark a Free Write Friday, so I am leaving them out. Becca, if you really want me to answer those questions, say so, I'll do it for real. But, in addition...

Becca asked:

What is your stance on global warming? What are you personally willing to do to reduce your carbon footprint?

Did you finish the magic 8 ball story?

Do you think money is the root of all evil, and capitalism is the devil?

Global Warming is a major problem, and something I don't know that any country as a whole is doing enough to combat but clearly we need to do something. Personally, I would love to ride my bike everywhere that I can, unfortunately it's just not feasible with my current job. I would also love to switch to solar energy for the house and get a hybrid. No, I never did finish the Magic 8 Ball Story, but I've filed it in my "To Do" folder. No, money is not the root of all evil and capitalism is not the devil. I just think a lot of evil people have a lot of the money, and capitalism has no business in the business of healthcare and education. There, I said it.

Annie asked:

How are people so self-obsessed and distracted that they miss a gaggle of pedestrians?

He was driving a Hummer in downtown Clayton. Enough said.

Molly asked:

Is Waylon gay?

Are you kidding? Waylon Jennings? Definitely not.

From "Tuesday Excerpt; Blogapalooza Edition!" Tuesday, October 16th, 2007:

Becca asked:

Why must you dis the mojito?

Because it's the drink of the moment. That's why. If it were vodka tonics, then the vodka tonic would be shown no mercy.

From "Thursday Thursday Thursday" Thursday, October 18th, 2007:

Gerald asked:

When did you start carrying a purse?

Since when did you start, um...YOUR MOM! Haha...that one's goin' in the catalogue.

Anonymous asked:

Little late this evening, huh?

Eat it, Anony.


Becca said...

Glad to know you haven't seen any of the hundreds of photos I've sent... hehehe... J/k. the "best ofs" end up on facebook anyways, so no worries.

Ok, well I'm seriously considering starting a blog. It'd be fun. I enjoy writing, and I'm not too terribly illiterate.... But I'm afraid it would just be so random. Like today, I'd be blogging about my Jesus-crazy siblings. And I'd probably blog about my cat - you know, a tribute. I'm pretty sure no one wants to read about these things... But then on the rare occasion that I do actually travel somewhere, I could post some sweet photos and talk about my awesome adventures (or lack thereof?)... Maybe after exams are over. Speaking of which, I have another one tomorrow and have only completely 30 min of my goal 3 hour study session tonight... and it's now 10:20pm... shit.

Molly said...

I vote Becca starts a blog.

I also vote you include some photos on this blog. Why not pictures of broken drill bits? Why not photos of other urban types carrying man-purs.... er, messenger bags? Why not photos of the latest home project? Or the Sometimes impenetrable barrier? (or whatever that was...) Why not photos of ANYTHING?

Get with it.