Monday, October 29, 2007


So, nobody seems to have noticed/cared that I didn't blog on Friday? Even though I said I was going to?

Well, we went out of town this weekend, so we were busy shopping (unsuccessfully) for Halloween costumes and then packing/cleaning up a bit, so it slipped my mind. Sorry. Bad blogger.

I'm going to ask you all a question, and I hope I get some responses here. I wrote a short play that is very dark, disturbing, and horrific. I am debating whether or not I should post it as my excerpt tomorrow. I mean, it's Halloween time, it makes sense...but on the other hand, it may shock and disturb some of you. Well...I think I'll do it, unless I get a lot of "Don't post a horror play! No! Ah! I'll hate you forever!" answers. So, if you do or do not want to see it, let me know.

As I was driving home from Chicago Sunday, my passenger side blinker decided to go all crazy. Instead of the steady "click, clack, click, clack..." it's now become a hyperactive five year old "clickclackclickclackclickclack!!!!" Hmm. Any ideas there?

Still waiting for more answers to my question about novels. Go figure. I think I'm going to take the answers I get and if I haven't read them, put them on my "To Read" list (under the pile of plays and books for class).

So, as I mentioned earlier, we went to Chicago this weekend, had a grand time. Played some cards, finally played some Wii (I'm so-so with the bowling and terrible at golf), and sacrificed my health in the hopes of winning the McDonalds Monopoly game. I didn't. All we won is more food, which I don't want to eat any more of. Ever. Period. Again. EVER! Just to drive home the point, since I am feeling so blah about fast food right now, I should read Fast Food Nation again and then swear off fast food for life. Sounds like a good plan.'s Halloween week. What are you going to be dressed up as? I gather lots of people went to parties this past weekend...that's what I was doing in Chicago..but what's the 2007 costume? I went as The Yellow Jersey, complete with leg warmers, cycling socks, helmet, sunglasses, (no spandex shorts, those get way too uncomfortable to wear at a party, trust me), gloves, stuffed Lion (some of you know what I'm talking about there)...and some syringes. Just call me Bjarne Riis (ooh dang!). Kathy went as a 50's housewife, complete with hairnet, apron, and wooden spoon. It was all good.

I'm at work...and the work computer says it's 12:25 when it is clearly not. I hope that whoever gets elected as president in 2008 repeals the stupid Bush Daylight Savings reform. Worthless, really. It should just go away.


a said...

1. Post it.
2. My blinker occassionally stops blinking and just keeps the light on. No flashing turn signals for this girl, no siree!
3. I was Punky Brewster and a pirate this past weekend. Pirate was for a Pirate specific party, as I never would've chosen that without being told to, however it was amazing (pictures on facebook).
4. Someone once told me that Indiana and Arizona don't do the whole time switcheroo. How did they get those special privilages!?

Elliot said...

Yes, Annie, I saw your facebook pictures. I thought you were just a girl scout in the one, but okay, Punky Brewster. Got it. Also, saw the pirate, figured it was a pirate themed party, since everybody else was a pirate. See, I already attended a pirate themed party this year, actually a friend's birthday party in late summer. And we also had the unrealistically sexy female pirates, and a Butt Pirate. We did not have a music pirate, but...I was a DVD pirate. I had a messenger bag full of DVD cases, the covers of which were movie posters from movies that were still in theaters or (the best one, Star Trek XI) not even in production yet.

heartcooksbrain said...

The blinker thing just means that the light is getting ready to burn out. Super technological, I know. But it gets the point across. Get thee to Autozone, or risk a seem to have the luck!

Molly said...

Only you can judge whether it's too dark for posting or not... my vote? Post it and wait for the shrieks... but be warned: you may run the risk of losing friends. They'll read it and think "Holy cow, this guy's TWISTED!" Then they'll use their imaginations to project themselves into the future where they're being interviewed by the police & media and saying things like "You know, he always seemed like such a nice guy, friendly, quick with a joke... I never would have thought he'd be capable of something like this. There were no warnings... well, now that I think of it, there was this one play he wrote... which seemed totally out of character at the time, a pure flight into fantasy, we thought... but now it puts it all into perspective... how could we have missed the warnings?!?!!

mGk said...

So where is said post aye? Another bloggers promise broken, no Free write Friday, no Tuesday Excerpt... at least I make no false promises, on my blog...

Happy Candy Day!

your sister

Becca said...

post post post post

I'd love to read the dark and twisted inner musings of your mind.

Lisa said...

I went as a witch...I know, original, but it was at a FB game in the freezing cold. Don't do it, don't post the twisted post- oh too late, nice knowing you! jk