Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Tuesdays Are For Now

As I am not in school for the summer, and I do not work on Tuesdays (for the time being, and won't work Tuesdays at Target as long as I have anything to say about it), I have been trying to decide what to do with my Tuesdays.

Well, I'm going to set up a weekly feature on the blog. That's right...structure and organization will emerge as I stick to my ambitions to actually get the ball rolling on becoming a real writer. That means writing every day, which I guess could mean blogging every day. But it doesn't mean that. As I said, I will blog every other day at the very least. But, Tuesdays will be the day when I post some of my actual writing, that being, some of my non-blog material. Like this, and the previous paragraph, that's blog material. But I will always end with out of blog material.

So, for my first Tuesday Excerpt (which is what I am going to call it now), I will take a bit from my Decomposition book I carry everywhere with me now.

This little bit is something I started sketching out the other day during a break at work, so it's either a work in progress or something that may go nowhere, but we'll see. The point is, I wrote it in some down time, which is what I need to be doing. And from now on, you won't get this long winded introduction on Tuesdays. Just a short description of what the excerpt is, and then right into it. So let's finally get right into it.


from "It's Complicated" may 2007

My facebook relationship status changed and suddenly, people I hadn't talked to in months, some of them years rushed to my cyber side. My in-box, my virtual wall were each flooded with variations of "What happened?" "Are you okay?" "Did you get a divorce?" "I'm here for you." "Call me if you need to talk."

It happened one night in August when we had The Fight, and I slept on the couch in the basement, our three years of marriage coming to a head with The Fight, the glow of my computer screen displaying "It's Complicated" illuminating our wedding pictures. We smiled at our complication from the past.

A week later and a total of eight nights sleeping apart, she told me she was leaving, going to her company's Chicago office because that's where her department-which consisted of her and one person in New Jersey-was being relocated to. I asked her, "What about us?" and she said "You'll be hearing from me."


So, there you have it, my first Tuesday Excerpt. I am not sure where to go with it, if it's a short story or (I'm leaning this way) perhaps a novel, or if I should just abandon it altogether at this point, but I think it's got some potential. The style is a bit off from what I normally dish out, mostly because I just finished reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, but he is a topic for another day.

"I'm not telling lies, I'm writing fiction with my mouth!" -Homer Simpson

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