Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An Update on Some Things and a Preview of a Couple New Features!

Well, Friday I e-mailed the president of Master File St. Louis, which as far as I can tell is a legal document service based in Clayton. They need a person to do a bit of research and deliver court documents, and yesterday he e-mailed me back and today I sent him my resume. Check it out! I said I would look for a new job and I'm on it! Go me! Granted, I still have not gotten a new job, nor have I rode my bicycle once since that last [20] time[s] I said I would, but it's only been a [few dozen] week[s] so I don't feel too bad.

I feel just a little uneasy about having sent him an e-mail telling him how detail oriented I can be, then thirty seconds later having to send him another one because I forgot to attach my resume like I said I was going to. Oops. And yes, I am aware of how ironic that was, please stop pointing it out.

Alright, so, from now on I will announce on my blog when I start reading a new book I haven't read before, and the first weekend after I finish it, I will post a review. This is just a way of keeping myself reading as well as flexing my undeveloped and rusty journalism skills. Or, Skeelz, as some people call them. I still call them skills, though.

Another feature I would like to add, though I am not sure how this will work, is something I would like to call Free Write Fridays. I think what I'll do is at some time during the week, I will call for suggestions, and readers can post suggestions as comments on that post. Then, on Friday, I will select one of those suggestions and do a half hour to hour long freewrite right into the blog. We'll see how that works out. So, I'll go ahead and call for the first suggestions for Free Write Fridays!

Some guidelines:

Your suggestions should consist of three parts; type of writing, one character, and a situation. For instance:

Short story, Bob Jones, Lost his wedding ring.
Play, a UPS delivery man, a suburban hostage situation
Film script, BBQ master Bobby Slay, getting his ass handed to him by Iron Chef Japanese Masaharu Morimoto

Something along those lines. Okay. suggestion box is opened. And...GO!


heartcooksbrain said...

Ok, no suggestions for free writing, but I will tell you from office-life experience (as opposed to real-life, since that is entirely different than what goes on in the office, but I digress), that when you forget to attach something once, you probably won't forget again for a long long time unless you are ill or something because yes, it makes you feel like a dumb-dumb. So at least you got that over with now, before you are being paid to be responsible and stuff.

Melissa said...

Ok, here is my suggestion.

Short story, an older man, is afraid (I'll let your creativity come up with a reason why!) of his Nintendo Funbox.


Molly said...

Here's a suggestion:

Short story, young man, forgets to attach resume to important e-mail. Oh wait.... you did that one already...

here's another:

short story, middle aged woman, contemplating whether or not to leave husband after his sex change operation.

Hey... YOU asked for this!