Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Am Also Not a Chef

But I really mean it. I am not a chef, I'm just kind of a cooking enthusiast. It should say something that my favorite television shows are Arrested Development, Boston Legal, The Simpsons, M*A*S*H and Iron Chef (the original, not Iron Chef America). All these funny, sometimes poignant shows with great writing, great character development, great gags, and...Iron Chef. A cooking competition.

Actually, right now, I am cooking. Well, not right now, really, but I am getting ready to. I'm melting butter to make a cream sauce. But that's not what's important. What's really important is my most favorite room in the house.

It could be the downstairs room, where all the books, and movies are, and the television, and the ping-pong table we never use, and the desk where the desktop computer sits. But it's not. If my favorite room revolved around the computer, my favorite room would change because I am sitting in the dining room writing this, while yesterday's was written from the living room couch, and the previous one from the comfort of my bed. Laptops and wireless internet are two great inventions.

Nor is it the dining room or the bedroom, and not the upstairs living room. Not the guest bedroom either, though the new hardwood floors look great. It is quite definitely not the bathroom. It's not the laundry room, empty/drum/litterbox room, or the garage where I keep my bike.

It's the kitchen. My friend Jenn tells me it's a yuppy kitchen. I call it classic. From the black and white checkered floor to the checkered splashback tile, the glass block I love it. Because I love to cook. Which is why today's post is ending so abruptly; butter is melted and cream sauce is waiting to be made.

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