Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time Got Away From Me...

...and now I'm going to play a blogging game.

Answer the following questions by typing the answers into Google Image Search. Then post the picture that you like best for the answer.

My Age:

A Place I would Like to Visit:

My Favorite Place:

My Favorite Object":

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Animal:

My Favorite Color:

Town Where I Was Born:

A Past Pet:

My First Name:

My Middle Name:

My Last Name:

A Bad Habit:

My First Job:

My Current Occupation:

My Grandmother's Name:

What Are You Doing Right Now?:

There you go! Now, blogging buddies, gopher it!


Becca said...

Thanks a lot, Elliot. I spent like 40 min searching for photos instead of going to the lab and working on my thesis like I was supposed to!!!

Was your grandma's name Opal, btw?

Becca said...

Well, did you see the photo I found for MY first name? Apparently I have an incredibly sexy sexy name... Who knew?!

mGk said...

Ok, not even a reference to where you got this glorious idea? I am going to be your blog heckler from now on.

I do love the answers to your pets and your first name. Hilarious!

Christopher G said...

OK, I searched Opal without SafeSearch and it turned up clean. No worries there.

But then I searched "Elliot"...GOO!

That very first picture was...well, it was pretty damn disturbing.

I'm going to go pray now.