Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lady Mondegreen

So, the good people at Merriam-Webster released their list of new words for the 2008 edition, and my favorite from the list is the word mondegreen, a word or phrase that results from a mishearing of something said or sung. Check out Mondegreen at Wikipedia.

I love this word. It's now my new favorite word. My favorite mondegreens? Here they are:

Excuse me, while I kiss this guy.

There's a bathroom on the right.

Hold me Closer, Tony Danza.

And there's a wino down the road, we should have stolen Oreos.

What have I become, my Swedish friend?

What do you do when all your enemies are French?

There are a lot more, but, well, just google mondegreen or misheard lyrics, and you'll see.

No excerpt today, I don't have the time to comb through my stuff. Tomorrow. Promise. And also tomorrow, a story about a wall made out of stone.


bridget said...

my favorite mondegreen:
A: Popular Lead?
B: Sure, I'll have whatever's popular.

Annie said...

I used to think it was "Hold me close, I'm tired of dancin'." Ha!


mGk said...

You shouldn't make promises. I stay at home and don't have much to look forward to each day. You get my hopes up. -Your sad and lonely sister who's life is only fulfilled by her brother blogging

bridget said...

and then there's donna summer singing "i need some pasta, baby, tonight!"