Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spring Break

Remember when Spring Break meant something? I can remember when it meant an entire week with no obligations, responsibilities, or normal sleeping hours. I can remember spring breaks spent riding my bike, hanging out with friends, staying up late watching movies...

I can remember spring breaks where I spent days without coming home, over at various peoples' houses, playing music, video games, whatever we wanted.

Then, I remember working through spring break. Now, it's a relief because it's a week without one set of obligations or responsibilities. Still, normal sleeping hours (which I never keep anyway) and plenty of obligations and responsibilities.

Basically, I remember when Spring Break was a week off and not a week with fewer things to do but still about fifty million.

Growing up sure has it's price.


mobern said...

Oh my god, you're a grown up!

mGk said...

Amen my actual brotha'! mmg

BonVivant Wines said...

you said it buddy. spring break? more like two days with a few extra hours of free time.