Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hey, is that guy blindfolded?

My head hurts, and my stomach aches, and I feel awful. I'm back in St. Louis, but my car is in Davenport. This is nasty bad. I'm thinking of not going to work tomorrow just so that I can have a day to recoup. I might have gotten sick from food, or from Cakelyn, or I don't know what. But I feel like crap.

So, because my head hurt, on the way back down (in my dad's car, he came and met us in Mount Pleasant) I wrapped my scarf around my eyes. My wife told me that I looked like I was kidnapped, and said that the people in another car were staring. That's about the time I fell asleep.

I am sitting in front of the fire at my parents' house and waiting for life to improve.


BonVivant Wines said...
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BonVivant Wines said...

poor elliot. sounds like your trip turned out to be a bit..."smelly". HA!

anyway, i'm glad to know you're safe. i saw the news report on your blindfolded kidnapping and almost immediately called the authoraties. first i had to finish my tacos, detail the car and shampoo the rug. then i fell asleep. oops.