Monday, June 21, 2010

New Routines...No, Really, I'm trying not to be kidding this time!

New routine: arrive home from work approx. 5:20-6:00 PM. Feed/snuggle cat. Feed/snuggle wife (and, eventually, kid). Approx. 7:00 PM retire to basement for writing or exercising, each requiring different soundtrack (Rock Records for exercising, classical or silence for writing unless project requires other stimulus e.g. writing about Rock requiring, well, Rock). Approx 9:00-10:00 PM return upstairs. Feed/snuggle kitty. Snuggle wife (and eventually kid).

Post blog approx. three times (3X) weekly.

Snack sparingly on salty or sweet treats. Eat more fruits/veggies (bag of carrots instead of six handfuls of Mike & Ikes, those devil and/or heaven-sent candy goodies).

Read before bed (either to myself or out loud to wife and eventually kid). After midnight (weeknights) turn off light and try to sleep.

No, really.


Also, should join a writers' group. Need to have workshop to motivate me. Beer a plus.


Bridget said...

you should probably snuggle your wife and eventually your kid before your cat...just something to think about!

Molly said...


Kathy said...

I am hoping that playing with the kid will count as exercise on occasion too :) Also, I am hoping feed wife (and eventually kid) includes you as well.

Otherwise sounds good to me :D