Sunday, July 05, 2009

Your Questions Answered, Volume 7

It has been a long long while. We've got a lot of work to do. No time for lolly-gagging.

From Your Questions Answered, Volume 6, September 27 2008:

Lisa asked:
How is future Elliot doing?

Oh how I wish I had a better answer. Wait, I do have a better answer. Future Elliot is doing amazingly well in all aspects of his life.

From Video Blog - Semester Reading, September 28 2008:

Becca asked:
How many credits are you taking this semester?

I think it was...18? Yes, 18 fall semester.

Becca also asked:
Was that left stack just for one class?

Confession time: Those were all the books that I had ever purchased for college courses that I hadn't returned (and I kept a lot of the novels and anthologies), plus a copy of Origin of Species I had on hand and a copy of Green Eggs and Ham.

Bridget asked:
How about blogging book reports?

Book reports? I wish. Book reports would have been way easier than critical essays about Emily Bronte. Ew.

Lisa asked:
How come you get [Green Eggs and Ham] and I get The Great Gatsby?

If you look closely, you'll see Gatsby is in one of those stacks. I had to read it in high school and then again at two out of the three colleges I attended. I'm damn near sick of it.

From Coming Soon: Blogapalooza 2, October 18 2008:

Molly asked:
Why don't you just relax?

Relax? During the school year? Then I might have shut down altogether!

Bridget asked:
Did you finish reading all those books?

Don't tell my teacher, but I didn't actually finish House of Mirth. But mostly, yes, I read them all and then some.

From Tuesday Excerpt Blogapalooza 2, October 21 2008:

notawritersfather asked:
You had beer in the fridge and didn't invite me over?

Probably not, dad. Seeing as how that was a story.

From Never Mind That Blogapalooza List, October 22 2008:

Christopher G asked:
So who was the poor team that you defeated for your only win in each of the last two seasons?

It was a different team, I think, each year. But now I don't remember. Plus, I think the team has been disbanded. We were tired of losing.

From Secret Blogging, November 2 2008:

Becky (your writing teacher) asked:
And does this count as a post?

Well...I guess this proves my html skills worked. So yes, yes it does.

Molly asked:
Do you get graded on this?

Not on the blog, no. But on the fake webpage, yes. I got an A in that class, so I guess I did all right.

From Getting Older, November 16 2008:

Molly asked:
Maybe you don't remember

I learned from the best, mom. Don't tell the good parts when you're trying to guilt people. Just let them know how tragic your life has been, and they'll want to do whatever they can for you. Let them know you were ever happy before they came into your life, and they won't come to your Blues City Deli birthday party. Ever.

From Best Thing I Learned This Semester, December 4 2008:

Abalama asked:
Isn't that the greatest movie evar?

Evar isn't a word. And it is a very fantastic film.

Abalama also asked:
You JUST NOW saw it?

Yes. I had been busy with school, you know. Most of the movies I saw from fall of 2006 to spring of 2009 were films I watched specifically for class.

Molly asked:
Does anyone listen?

What was that, mom?

From And now, More Things I Learned This Semester, December 21 2008:

Bridget asked:
What's next?

Kathy gets to find a job to support me while I write the next great American novel. Or something.

Molly asked:
Has your mother told you she's proud of you?

Yes. Thanks, mom.

From It's Coming... December 30, 2008:

Molly asked:
What's wrong with that.

I am not calling our cat "Methy." It just won't happen.

Kathy asked:
How will I ever know what Amethyst looks like? live here. And so does she. She was just cuddling with you not half an hour ago.

From The Long Awaited (and delayed) Post, January 26 2009:

Molly asked:
What's up with that?

Database object query search not found. Error. Delete search criteria. You'll have to be more specific in future queries.

From Way Overdue, April 19 2009:

Bridget asked:
Could this play have felt different because you know you'll be graduating in a few weeks?

Maybe, although I think the main reason it felt different was that it was directed by somebody else this year, rather than by me, and so it was more humbling to be a singular part of the process, rather than a very large part. I liked being the writer more than being the writer/director.

From Something Big... May 27 2009:

Bridget asked:
What will I be reading?

Yes, that is what I asked.

Molly asked:
You wanna know what I'm reading?

Yes. That's why I asked.

From A Free Write Friday of Sorts, July 3 2009:

Becca asked:
What is this anger you speak of?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Molly asked:
Where are the women?

Well, first off, it's mainly a story about a young man and his relationship with his father. That's one of the central pieces to this novel. Another piece to the novel is the young man's relationship with his bandmates, all of whom are, yes, men. But you have to remember a couple of things: 1) I don't think I'm very good yet at creating female characters (which is something I am working on) and 2) This is only a very off-the-cuff spontaneous writing that only reflects a very small part of what I have envisioned for this novel. Rest assured, there are female characters in the works.

Well, that about wraps it up, everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend, and here's hoping that the coming months bring happiness and hope to everybody. Please do whatever you can to help your fellow man. We're all living on this planet together. We've got to share in each others' triumphs and failures. Otherwise, we're not doing our part.


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WOW! That must have taken up quite some time getting all caught up like that. Nicely done.

And I like the wrap up. :)

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finally some new posts!!! keep 'em coming.