Thursday, August 07, 2008

Plug, Link, *Beep*

Alright, I have been an assuredly terrible blogger this summer. It's been crazy, I've had probably the most adult-grown-up summer I've ever had, with doing the retaining wall project, working full time and staying late several days to relieve the next day's potential's been weird. I'm all responsible and stuff. I'm not sure I particularly like this trend, but, hey, that's life. Hopefully soon I'll catch some kind of break and be able to just write write write without any other care (other than, you know, all the other grown up stuff).

With that in mind, though, a friend of mine from Webster who graduated last year, is quite a talented writer and is hoping to become a television writer at some point. He's well on his way, I think. First, check out his Youtube Page. Be especially sure to check out The Life and Times of Jeremy Updike. It's one episode of a TV show he worked on that kind of fizzled out when the school's TV station turned out to be really kind of a dud. After you've checked that out, check out his New Show. It's called The Lou (he's got a promo set up on his youtube page, but the show is at iClips because he can get better video quality). If you like Arrested Development, or The Office, or Thirty know, that kind of new documentary-esque episodic story-arc comedy will enjoy The Lou. It kind of pokes fun at One Tree Hill, The O.C. (don't call it that) and other similar shows. Totally worth it.

Also, I am introducing a new link. My friend Lisa lives in Minnesota, is dating my friend Chris and is active in the theater scene in the Twin Cities. And for some reason, I just now tonight found out she's got a blog. Go figure. Well, check it out. It's on WordPress, which is all way wonkier than Blogger, but to each his or her own, right?

Okay. I won't make any promises. I just can't, it seems. But I will try to have something new up soon. Look for maybe like a new poll or something to keep you interested.

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Lisa said...

The show sounds very cool. I'm glad that you're all responsible and all now... just don't get the OC disorder or anything...