Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Story Behind The Madness

For our first Christmas as a married couple, Kathy bought me a brand new Sony Vaio PCG-K35 lap top. Being the smart cookie that she is, she also purchased the three year extended warranty. This is important, trust me.

About seven months later, the right speaker cut out completely and one day, the left speaker cut out as well. No sound. So, I got it fixed. For free, per the terms of the warranty.

After that, I began having trouble with the plug where it went into the computer. Only when held at a certain angle would the power cord power my computer and charge the battery. One day, it stopped working altogether, so I took it in. It was fixed per the terms of the warranty.

Less than a month later, it stopped working again. This time, the plug itself was the problem. So that was replaced, again, for free.

A few months later, the batter stopped charging...so I got the battery replaced free.

The battery was goofy, though. Sometimes, it wouldn't charge unless you took it out and put it back in. And the DVD drive was wonky, too; Sometimes, you had to open it and close it five or six times before it would read a disc. And last Monday, the battery stopped charging altogether, because the plug was no longer providing power to the lap top. So, we took it in, paid for the back-up of data, and waited.

Meanwhile, I used Kathy's ancient home-built computer which is still running Windows ME (ew) and is slower than molasses in a freezer (and that's slow!). Last night, we called for an update because we figured, you know...a week...and they told us they had junked the computer, and we had to come in and pick out a new computer to replace it. For free.

So, we did just that. I picked out another Sony because we were constrained by the terms of the warranty to replace with a similar product. I got a VGN-NR180E, which from a distance apears to be trying its best to look like an Apple, but up close it's all textured and goofy. I think the screen is not as nice as the old one, but it's got more RAM, a larger hard drive, Vista (the old one ran XP), it burns dual layers (the old one only did single-layer), and most importantly, it weighs about a third of what the old one weighed. Seriously, my old one weighed quite a bit more than a normal lap top should, it was ginormous.

So...that's the story for the hiatus. And, I've got all my docs on here, Final Draft is installed and running, so I am back in action (just as soon as I figure out all of the Vista foibles).

Alright then. A return to things as they should have been. Coming this Friday...a Free Write Friday! So, give me your suggestions, please! And...GO!


mGk said...

A family of seemingly normal individuals really are poison to technology. Each and every piece of electronic equipment they touch turns to very expensive paper weights.

(fiction meets reality??)

Runs in the family...

alf said...

How frustrating! But, at least you ended up with a new computer out of the deal. Did you get an extended warranty on this one as well?
Some time in high school I was given a really nice Sony cd player. One of those that came with separate speakers that you can mount on your walls or place throughout your room for surround. When it worked, it worked really well and I love(d) it. However, I had to take it to the Sony repair place on North Broadway not once, not twice, but three times for various repairs in the two year warranty period. It was frustrating (and this is when I got lost and drove in ridiculous circles just waiting to be shot only to eventually drive down Praire [which is apparently one of the streets in North City that has an extremely high homicide rate] for 15 minutes before I hit even Compton), but I was treated fairly at least.

Free Write Friday... Write about Webster. U. Hehehehe.

gerald said...

did someone say apple?