Sunday, August 05, 2007

Your Questions Answered, Volume 2...and A Question From Me

Alright, my format for my last answer session was a We'll try it again.

From the post Your Questions Answered, Volume 1 on Sunday, July 15th:

Becca asked:

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps I was posing some rhetorical questions?

That did not occur to me.

So you will essentially answer any phrase, statement or other assemblage of words that just happen to be followed by a question mark (or two)??

Pretty much.

A dog cat farm tractor makes hey ya weed poke?

Forty seven people are left on the train when it gets to Los Angeles.

You'd answer that?



I think I already said yes.

And Marty/Bridget asked:

is becca a blog post hog?

No, it just looks that way because some days, she's the only one that posts.

From the post Dissidents on Thursday, July 26th:

mGk asked:

What else am I supposed to do at the office?

Eat free pastries or "inventory" the Thin Mints.


No thanks, I already do that for a living.

From the post Free Write Friday on Friday, July 27th:

Gerald asked:

Is this some sort of joke?

No, it's a free write. I thought I made that clear.

What happens to Sam?

That's sort of up to my readers...if you would all just make some suggestions. Come ON!

From the post Last Monday on Monday, July 30th:

heartcooksbrain asked:

So it was your last Monday working at Target as in you aren't available Mondays anymore or it was your last Monday working at Target as in you aren't working at Target anymore (after your subsequent last Tuesday-Sunday)?

I'm thinking I would have had less trouble wrapping my head around this question without the parenthesis. It was my last Monday working at Target ever, which would sort of imply that I had come up with some scheme that would guarantee I would never be available to work there on a Monday again. The only way to do that I can think of is to quit completely. Does that answer your question?

Jak Attack asked:

So whatcha gonna do now?

Title research, court filing, finish school, get a job working at a newspaper or magazine while working to get some stories/novels written and published or a play produced. But first, I should get together with you and Jerry for a beer.

I asked:

Could this be the Jak I think it is?

It would appear so.

Has air conditioning hit Egypt?

Wow. I can't believe I would ask this question. Unless it were as a joke. Which it was.

Molly asked:

What's up with that?

Just life I guess.

When are you having me over for dinner?

Well, I am running a just come on over, we'll seat you and ask if you need a room, get you some food and scare you with the local wildlife. It's fun! But really, soon. Sometime in the next month.

From the post Thoughts on Thursday, August 2nd:

Becca asked:


Stop yelling! I assume you should probably get your copy of my published work in the mail shortly after I get around to mailing it...I am a bad friend sometimes when it comes to snail mail.

That concludes this question and answer session. Now...What's the deal, people? I need suggestions. Please give me suggestions. Unfortunately, I did not do a Free Write Friday because I didn't have enough suggestions! So, okay...I will give you another week to come up with more suggestions...go ahead and suggest them as they come to you, and this Friday I will pick one (maybe two). Remember, this week there is a theme. I want you to read the last Free Write Friday and give me suggestions as to what makes Sam miss the meeting on Monday.

Here Is The Link To The Last Free Write Friday. Read it before you give me a suggestion.

Thanks! I'll give you a brief post tomorrow, and Wednesday I'll be giving you a book review on Nathan Englander's The Ministry of Special Cases.


Becca said...

I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm just impatient for my copy of your writing, that's all. Forgive me?

Right. Sam was late because of Nutella. Go.

Oh, and thanks for not calling me a blog hog. : )

Also, do you think I should start using some sort of blog alias? Everyone else has a cool little nickname, but I'm just Becca. Not very exciting, is it?

Molly said...

Sam was late b/c he was strapped into a straight jacket, shivering uncontrollably blabbering unintelligibly....


he was late b/c the 8 ball told him not to drive his car on even dated Mondays so while he was walking to work he got sidetracked helping a girl who was hit while riding her bike by a bowling ball that was rolling down the street (yes, these things CAN happen!)

heartcooksbrain said...

That is completely and totally fantastic. Congratulations, and enjoy those weekends!

gerald said...

sam was late because he woke up monday morning on the parking lot of the city aquarium.

sam was late as a result of a dream he had involving an aardvark and fontina cheese.

sam was late because he woke up monday morning to find that all of the floors in his apartment had been inexplicably covered in cantalopes.

sam was late because his head was glued to the underbelly of a camel.

sam was late because elliot has yet to write that part of the story.