Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why Math has Ruined My Life

Because Math loves adding.

Because Math loves adding activities and obligations to my days.

Because Math loves adding everything to my days.


Math has never added a single extra second to my days.

When Math has subtracted something from my day, Math has then added something twice as time consuming, so it feels like all that has actually been subtracted is seconds, minutes, or hours.

This is why Math has ruined my life.

That, and I have to spend my Tuesday nights getting accosted by horny fourteen year old Webster Groves High School freshmen girls. Which, of course, I may have liked back in 1997 when I was a fourteen year old Webster Groves High School freshman boy, but now that I'm married and quite a bit older and rather cognizant of statutory rape laws, I am less inclined to be amused by or interested in the attentions of said females.

Which brings me to another reason I hate Math.

Because doing Math homework takes time away from Writing, or riding, or doing other homeworks.

Stupid Math.

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