Monday, June 26, 2006


Alright, folks, well, I went through some careful planning, e-mailed a bunch of people, got a handful of responses, set the first meeting for June 25th, and one person showed up. Well, no, okay, two people, Angelic and her other half, Joe, but for the love of all things good and decent, why didn't anybody else come? You see, it would have been nice to have at least one other person there, so we could maybe discuss some things. Oh well...ridiculous. I know that a few people who had wanted to come couldn't make it, and they had told me they couldn't make it, but there were several who just didn't show. Okay. Maybe we should try this again. Two weeks from yesterday, I say we have another go. Anybody want to host it?

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Carmen said...

Oh boy Elliot. :( I'm sorry about the turnout, wish I could have made it back up from the reunion (and also somehow bring all the FOOD with me from the reunion!).. how many people do you suppose would come to the next one? I can host it but I have seating for maybe 5 or 6 people max, including myself (tiny apartment). But if that's what we'll have then it should work.

BTW, I applied to Target and put your name on the app. No one's called me back yet (although I'm picky with my hours so they may never..)